Don Chase

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Your work is stunning!
Rebecca Shevel - 17 Feb 2022
I purchased Spirit Elephant for a dear friend who LOVES it. I was moving and did not know what space I would have myself so had to resist... now, since I do have a little space, I must face the difficult choice of which of your AMAZING works of art to add. Thank you for sharing your vision.
Elaine Parker - 29 Oct 2021
I just love the four pieces of art. Love, Lonely Star, All Things Great and Small and Sunrise. They’re just beautiful. Thank you Sir
Susan - 1 Aug 2021
We Love our prints...Native Celebration and Bear Spirit...So proud to display your wonderful works..thank you for bringing magnificent colour into our world.
Jane and John - 4 May 2021
Amazing artist, inspirational!
Michael W Mullins - 25 Feb 2021
Purchased spirit elephant for myself and Alderville print for my brother-in-law Norm who dances at Scugog Pow Wows and many others..he is requested at Lakeridge Hospital by Cathy Beaver who was brought up on Alderville Reserve and she is looking into who the others may be in the photo, know one is your grandfather, Sam Blaker..beautiful work.
sue herdman - 12 Jan 2020
This work is beautiful, I will promote it on my site.
Darryl Hollingsworth - 15 Apr 2019
I love your work and the website is lovely. I am glad Sheila and Mike told me about you! I have promoted your site on my Facebook profile. I went to OCA too! Http://www Lynne
Lynne Hollingsworth - 14 Apr 2019
A very talented First Nations artist whose work is subtlely spiritual. My mom has a large painting that includes a cross and a friend has an amazing sculpture. Website is nicely set out.
Sue - 2 Apr 2019
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